Relationship Booster


Did you know?

Relationship satisfaction, intimacy, and acceptance significantly improved in a 2-year study following an initial relationship checkup with annual boosters.

(Cordova, James, et. al. “The Marriage Checkup: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Annual Relationship Health Checkups.” American Psychological Association. 2014 Vol. 82, No. 4. 592-604.)


Developed by psychologist and author Dr. Sean Sullivan, Relationship Booster allows you to directly benefit from the insights of the most current research regarding healthy relationships.

Simple but Powerful:

With only 7 focused questions per category, you will breeze through the process. And after your partner completes the same questions, you will both get to read each other's answers and get complete feedback on each category.


You and your partner will receive customized relationship advice based on your individual answers. The feedback will focus in on any answers that don't align between both of you and that might eventually lead to conflict in your relationship.

Modern Relationships:

While your relationship is still new, fun and exciting, Relationship Booster will help you gain valuable insight into your partner's worldview and help prevent minor issues from becoming more serious problems. Take this opportunity to see if you have found a keeper or not.

Relationship Tip

Couples that last maintain an average of 5 "positive communication incidents" (like a kind touch on the shoulder or texting a love emoji) to every 1 "negative communication incident" (like rolling your eyes at your partner).

--from the research of Dr. John Gottman (who is able to predict with 90% accuracy which couples will make it and which will not)